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CryptoSolver screen
Like cryptogram puzzles? Hate wearing a hole in the paper with your eraser?

CryptoSolver is the replacement for paper and pencil.  Enter the cryptogram in the yellow field, then enter a letter to replace, then the letter to replace it with, and tap Replace.   The revised version of the cryptogram will be displayed in the aqua field.   The only limit on the number of times a letter can be changed is the battery life of your PPC.

Download the zipped NSBasic files here: CRYPTO.ZIP

Don't have NSBasic on your PPC? Check back later for an install package.
Screen captures are done using the Pocket PC Simulator. Testing is done using the Pocket PC Simulator with Windows Mobile 2003 and an iPAQ 3635 with WinCE 3.0.   More to come when I have time to play ;-)

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